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Brownfield Redevelopment

Brownfield redevelopment is a vital element of the City of Wyoming's economic development activities. Our Brownfield Plan, established in 1997, addresses properties that are abandoned, idled or underutilized due to the fear or fact that it is contaminated with hazardous substances.

Our Brownfield Redevelopment Authority:

  • Proactively manages environmental issues affecting City properties
  • Encourages the use of existing infrastructure rather than constructing water, sewer, roads, etc. on Greenfields
  • Approves financing plans to capture new state and local property taxes resulting from the development and clean up of environmentally contaminated sites
  • Focuses on specific remediation and financing for Brownfield redevelopment activities.

The Wyoming Advantage with the establishment of a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority:

  • We can offer qualified taxpayers a credit against the single business tax on investments up to $1,000,000 at an eligible property within a Brownfield Redevelopment Zone.
  • Eligible investments include demolition, construction or improvement of a building or addition of machinery/equipment to a property after it has been identified in our Brownfield Plan as a targeted Brownfield development.


Please contact our Economic Development Coordinator for further information.