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Mayor & City Council Duties

Your Mayor and City Council are an active, elected body of government responsible for legislation and policy-making for the City. The Mayor, three at-large Council Members elected by all voters and three ward Council Members representing and elected by voters in specific geographical districts are devoted to:

  • Adopting City ordinances
  • Appointing members to boards and commissions
  • Approving the City budget based on income generated by property taxes and other income sources

The City Council appoints the City Manager, City Clerk, Comptroller and City Attorney. The City Manager serves as the City's Chief Administrative Officer. Except for the purpose of inquiries, the City Council addresses administrative services through the City Manager.

The Mayor has additional responsibilities as the official head of the City, representing the City at various government functions on a local, state and national basis.

City Council members may be contacted individually or you may leave a message at City Hall by accessing the Meet Your City Council members page.