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  Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an immediate answer to a specific or general question?  Don’t have time to browse our entire site to find what you are looking for?  Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions right here!

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Building Inspections
     Can you get a variance on a construction-related item?
     Do I need a building permit for siding?
     Do I need a permit to install replacement windows?
     Do I need a permit to put up a fence and what are the requirements?
     Do I need a permit to reshingle my roof?
     Does a building permit cover electrical /plumbing and mechanical work?
     How long can a recreational vehicle (trailer, tent camper, motor home, boat, etc.) be stored in the driveway?
     How long does the review process take on commercial or industrial projects?
     How long does the review process take on residential projects?
     Is a building permit required for a swimming pool or hot tub?
     Is a building permit required for an accessory building or garage?
     Is a building permit required to build an exterior deck?
     Is a building permit required to finish a portion of my basement?
     Is a permit required for a new furnace, central air unit, hot water heater, pre-manufactured fireplace, wood stove, gas log fireplace, wall heater, etc.?
     Is a permit required for an electrical service panel upgrade?
     Is a permit required to replace or extend my driveway?
     Over how long of a time period can a garage/yard/rummage sale be held?
     What are the required building setbacks?
     What construction can occur on a property before issuance of a building permit?
     What is a setback?
     What is a variance?
     What is the cost of a permit?
     When do you need a technical site plan approval through the Planning Department or Planning Commission?
     When is a permit required?
     Where do I get information about costs and permits for sewer/water hook-up fees, meter sets, utility development fees, and fire hydrant use permits?
     Where is the Building Inspection Department located and what are the hours of operation?

Census 2010
     Does the form request personal identification information?
     Is the form long?
     What kinds of questions does the form ask?
     When will the form arrive?
     Who does the Census count?
     Who sees my form?
     Will a census worker come to my home?

Clerks Office
     How do I apply for an absentee ballot?
     I am opening a business in the City of Wyoming; do I need a business license?
     What is the absentee ballot deadline?
     What is the criteria for voting by absentee ballot?
     What is the total population of Wyoming?
     When should you re-register to vote?
     Where and when do I cast my vote?
     Who are my state and federal representatives and how can I contact them?
     Who is eligible to vote?
     Who is the Council Member that represents my district?

District Court
     Can I get married in your court?
     Do I need an attorney?
     What are your hours of operation?
     What happens if I miss my court date?
     What if I don't have all the money I owe?
     What if I work from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday through Friday?
     What method can I use to pay money owed?
     Where and when can I post bond for someone who has been arrested?
     Where can I get Accident Reports or official Police Reports?
     Where is the 62A District Court?
     Why am I ordered in to court at 8:30am if the court session doesn't start until 9:30am?

Finance Department
     What is the City’s budget cycle?
     What services does the Finance division manage?

     Does the City provide training assistance for workforce development?
     How do I get rid of my household trash?
     What are the City of Wyoming's Hours of Operation?
     What services are provided to businesses already in the City?
     What tax incentives does the City offer?
     When is leaf pick-up?
     When there are so many choices, why should I choose Wyoming?
     Where can I find information on gym rentals?

Home Ownership Programs
     Am I able to choose which home I’d like to purchase?
     Am I allowed to purchase a home and rent it out?
     Are the available properties in certain neighborhoods?
     Can I see the homes before I apply?
     Do I have to purchase a home if I apply?
     Do I need to arrange my mortgage with a specific lender, and does the City recommend a specific lender?
     What does “in good standing” with the City mean?
     What is included as income?
     When do I have to complete the home ownership training?
     When is my application considered complete, and how does that affect the first-come, first served rule?

     Does the WHC pay for deposits?
     How can I receive assistance from the Wyoming Housing Commission?
     How do you know whom to choose from the waiting list?
     Why does it take so long for the WHC to contact you once you're on their list for public housing?

Human Resources
     Can I fax my resume?
     Can I submit a resume to be kept on file?
     Do I have to re-apply each time a position is posted?
     Do you administer pre-employment testing?
     Do you have a job hotline?
     Do you hire summer help?
     How can I learn about the specific duties of a position?
     How long does the hiring process take?
     If I want to apply for more than one position, can I use the same application?
     Is it necessary to complete a City of Wyoming application, or is a resume sufficient?
     Is the City a union environment?
     Should I check on the status of my application?
     What is your Police Officer employment process?
     What sources does the City utilize for advertising?
     Will I be notified if I am not selected for the position?

Parks & Recreation Department
     Can I pick my child’s practice night for soccer?
     Can persons under the age of 55 participate in Senior Programs?
     Do I have to be a Wyoming resident to attend the Wyoming Senior Center?
     How can I become an adult slow pitch umpire?
     How can I find the adult slow pitch softball standings?
     How do I find out if a Parks and Recreation Department program is cancelled due to inclement weather?
     How do I find out if the Wyoming Senior Center is closed due to inclement weather?
     How do I obtain a Geocaching permit to place a cache in a City Park?
     How do I register for recreation programs online or by phone?
     How do I register my child for Pinery Park Little League baseball or softball?
     How does the “buddy system” work within the soccer program?
     How long is the Pinery Fitness Trail?
     If I would like to reserve a City of Wyoming park facility for an event, what would classify the event as a special event?
     Is smoking allowed in Park Lodges or City Facilities?
     Is there a fee to belong to the Wyoming Senior Center?
     What are the hours of operation and how can I contact the Parks and Recreation Department office?
     What are the hours of operation and how can I contact the Wyoming Senior Center?
     What are the hours of the Play and Learn program (summer playground and activity based programming) sites?
     What is Geocaching?
     When does youth soccer registration take place?
     Where can I call to find out if a game or activity will be cancelled due to weather conditions?
     Where can I find rental information for Palmer, Johnson and Douglas Walk Parks?
     Where can I get free firewood?

Planning Department
     How can I obtain a Zoning Ordinance or Zoning Map?
     How do I know how property is zoned?
     What is the procedure and fees involved with the review of my development project?
     When is the next Planning Commission Meeting?

Property Assessment
     Am I required to file a Property Transfer Affidavits?
     Are Taxable Value and Assessed Value the Same?
     Are Taxable Value and Assessed Value the Same?
     Can I take the house in town as my principal residence and my wife take the cottage as hers?
     How are addresses assigned?
     How do I change the mailing address?
     How do I know I have a Principal Residential Exemption (PRE)?
     How is property assessed?
     How long does this Poverty/Hardship Exemption last?
     How much property tax is generated in Wyoming?
     I have received my Assessment Notice and I don't think it is correct. What can I do?
     If I do not like my Assessment what can I do?
     If I receive a Poverty/Hardship Exemption, will all my property taxes be exempt?
     We move to Florida in the winter; can I still have a Michigan Principal Residence Exemption?
     What are assessments? And when do they occur?
     What if I didn't file a Principal Residential Exemption (PRE)? Can I file now?
     What is a Poverty/Hardship Exemption? How do I qualify? And when do I file?
     What is a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)?
     What is a Principal Residence?
     What is a Property Transfer Affidavit and why do I need to file it?
     What is considered a Transfer or Sale?
     What is real and personal property?
     What is taxable value?
     What is the difference between an Assessment and Market Value?
     When can I receive a Principal Residence Exemption?
     Who does the Census count?

Public Safety - Fire
     Can you have a fire pit in the back yard?
     How do I schedule a tour of the Fire Department or a program for our organization?
     What fire prevention efforts does the Fire Department offer?
     What training do our Firefighters receive beyond Fire Rescue?

Public Safety - Police
     Do I have to register my bicycle?
     How do I arrange for a tour of the Wyoming Department of Public Safety?
     How do I get a Police background check?
     How do I make a "Freedom of Information Act" Request
     How do I report an abandoned vehicle in the roadway?
     How do I request information via the Freedom of Information Act?
     I had a traffic crash on the roadway; do I have to make a police report?
     I have an abandoned vehicle on my property; can the police come and tow it away?
     What are the DPS hours?
     What do I do if I lock my keys in my car?
     What if I have a non-injury accident on private property?
     What is the Fireworks Ordinance?
     What is the noise ordinance for the City of Wyoming?
     What is the seat belt law?
     Where are the Wyoming DPS Headquarters?
     Where can I obtain a copy of a traffic accident report or a criminal incident report?
     Where can I obtain more information about my traffic citation?
     Where do I go to register a gun?

Public Service
     How can I get rid of Household Hazardous Waste?
     How do I report a pothole?
     How do I report a street lighting outage or traffic signal malfunction?

Purchasing Department
     How can my company bid on City projects?
     How do companies register to bid on technology items?
     If I do not have an email address, can I still bid on City projects?
     If I provide my company information through your registration page, is this transaction secure?
     May I contact the City if I have any questions regarding the online bid system?
     May I send my bid electronically?
     What if I forget my username or password?
     What is “My Saved Bids”?
     When are bids awarded?
     When are bids due?
     When I am logged into the online bid system, I see an “ Add me to Bid List” option next to each bid. What does this mean?

     Am I allowed to have window signs under the ordinance?
     Are flags allowed?
     Are garage sale signs allowed?
     Are people advertising by waving signs or walking with sandwich boards allowed?
     Are political signs allowed?
     Are real estate, rental or lease signs allowed?
     Can a sign be lighted?
     Can I use a banner or pennants any time other than grand openings or going out of business?
     Do I need a permit to change the plastic face in an existing sign?
     Is there an appeal process when the design of the building or other extenuating circumstances does not allow compliance with the ordinance?
     Is this new sign ordinance just a way for the City to generate additional revenue through permit fees?
     May a school or church advertise a community event using a temporary sign?
     May I have a grand opening banner for my business?
     May I have a trailer sign to advertise my business?
     May I have a wall sign and still utilize window signs?
     My building is all glass fronts with multiple window panes. How do I calculate the allowed area of window signs?
     What do I do if I have further questions?
     What requires a non-conforming sign to be brought into compliance with the current ordinance?
     When was the last major revision to the sign ordinance?

     Do I send property and school tax payments to the Accounting or Treasury division?
     How are tax rates determined?
     How do I request new water service?
     I never received a bill, what should I do?
     What are the penalties for late taxes?
     What forms of payment does the City accept?
     What if I can't pay the tax bill by the due date?
     When are property taxes due?

     Do I really have to make an appointment to drop off Household Hazardous Waste at the Clean Water Plant?
     Has the City of Wyoming tested its source water for PPCPs?
     How can I arrange a tour of the Clean Water Plant?
     How Can I Arrange a Tour of the Drinking Water Plant?
     How can I dispose of Latex paint, since the HHW program does not accept it?
     How long has the water treatment industry known about PPCPs?
     Is it the same as drinking water?
     My laundry smells of mildew, especially if we leave it in the washer over night. In order to get the smell out we must rewash the laundry. Is this caused by something in our water?
     What can I do to protect my source of drinking water?
     What can I do with old Medication/Prescription Drugs?
     What information is already known about PPCPs in Great Lakes drinking water sources?
     What is clean water?
     What is definitely known about the impact of PPCPs on human health?
     What is the City of Wyoming's source of drinking water?
     What is the source of PPCPs in drinking water?
     When we hear about sewer overflows to the Grand River does this include the City of Wyoming?
     Where is the Clean Water Plant located?
     Why Does My Water Smell Musty?